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Prices and Forms

Surgeries are performed by skilled and licensed veterinarians for dogs and cats 3 months old and weigh at least 3 lbs.

All patients over 4 months of age are required to have an up-to-date rabies vaccine.

Must have a valid rabies certificate or a rabies vaccine will be given at the time of surgery.


Price includes pain medication.

Bloodwork may be required If your pet is over a certain age/weight. 

Dogs (Male or Female)


0-25 lbs        $100
26-50 lbs     $135
51-75 lbs     $160
76-100 lbs  $190
Additional fees for - Brachycephalic breeds, and cryptorchid (must have one testicle visible).

Click on buttons below to print or view forms. 
Cats (Must be in individual carriers)


Females   $65
Males        $50

Feral/Community Cat  $50 - for outside cats ONLY** Must be in trap or transfer cage
(Surgery, rabies/FVRCP, ear tip and dewormer)

Other Services

Vaccinations and all other services are offered at the time of surgery only.

Microchip - $25
Rabies - $15
Other Vaccines (Dogs: DHPP| Cats: FVRCP) - $15
Feline Leukemia/FIV Test - $30
Nail Trim - $5
Umbilical Hernia Repair - $45 (reducible only)
Deciduous Teeth Removal - $15
Heartworm Test includes Lyme, Ehrlichia, and Anaplasmosis testing - $30
Heartworm Preventative (6 months)* - $30 (<25lbs) | $40 (26-50lbs) | $50 (51-100lbs)
        *Must be under 7 months old or have the test performed the day of surgery.

Generic Cat Revolution (Revolt) 6 months - $45     1 month - $12

Generic K9 Advantix (Provecta Advanced)  4 month supply - $30

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